If you're like me, you may have found the Classical Music scene excessively serious.

Fortunately, a new kind of Classical is emerging.

It’s a balance of innovation and tradition. Drawing from the great traditions of history composers are sampling from the esoteric wells of academia and respectfully unburdening themselves of constraint. Classical Music is experiencing a wave of new sounds, blending piano with electronics, looping strings, inventing instruments, melody submerged in ambiance.

There is a lot of debate about what to call it. Neo-Classical, New Music, Contemporary Composition, Modern Classical, Contemporary Classical, etc.

Is It Classical? What makes something Contemporary? To learn more about the genre I’ll be asking the artists themselves. Through gentle interrogations, interviews, impressions, and discoveries I’ll endeavor to provide a resource for understanding artists and their work. Join me in this celebration of Contemporary Music.

First, have a listen to my playlists, curated daily with the best and latest work of the genre.